Finding a schnauzer breeder in Northern Ireland

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Finding a schnauzer breeder in Northern Ireland

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My wife and I have been thinking about getting a schnauzer for a long time, we have decided now is the time hopefully.

We were looking advice in regards if anyone could recommend good breeders in Northern Ireland.

Also what other things should we be considering when looking to get a new member of the family

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Re: Finding a schnauzer breeder in Northern Ireland

Post by Dawnspell »

Hi and welcome
You dont mention which size schnauzer, but as a starting point you could look through the registered breeders on the kennel club website, also have lists of breeders that you can contact. Make sure the parents have had all the relevant health checks.

The timing of when you get your puppy I would try to avoid Nov - Feb going out in for toilet training, socialising is a lot harder in the dark miserable months, but if the right breeder and puppy is available then you may not have a choice.

Make sure you will have at least a couple of weeks at home when you first bring puppy home. Toilet training etc will be a lot faster if you can keep on top of it from the start.

Do you want to make use of a crate, I'd highly recommend it.

Dont spend a fortune on beds, toys, harnesses etc wait until you know what your puppy likes. With regard to toys our previous dog loved balls and frisbees we've got loads, Jasper doesnt like either =)) he likes soft toys to cuddle with previous dog didnt cuddle toys. Puppies are happy with empty plastic bottles, plant pots cut up old fleece jumpers made into tug toys etc bit like children playing with the box and not the toy the came in it. Beds and walking equipment wait until full grown then buy something more expensive that you will get use out of.
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Re: Finding a schnauzer breeder in Northern Ireland

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Hi & welcome to the forum, certainly an excellent choice of breed, as Schnauzers are super, I only have experience of the Miniature, I'm on my second who is a boy, just had to have another when I lost my first a girl who I got when hubby retired early from work. Loved my girl to bits, but now have a super wee boy, who was so easily to train after gaining nearly 13 years of life with my first Schnauzer. would definitely recommend 'crate training' my boy has been in a crate since the day we brought him home, he slept all night in our bedroom, he went all night without doing/needing the toilet from day one. he still loves his crate at bedtime & its good as it is so much easier for when we go away with him on holiday, hotels etc. we can leave him if he can't be with us for breakfast etc. Have to say my boy was so much easier to house train unlike my girl, also she didn't take to a crate but perhaps she would of if hubby had allowed her in our bedroom. my boy was housed trained within a couple of weeks. my boy is so loving, more affectionate than my girl, but this could all be due to the fact that I was retired when he came to us as I was still working when our girl came into our life & hubby was with her. they can be vocal but have to say neither my girl or boy have been, I say its due to a quiet house, as just the two of us, no kids etc. They are all different but life with a schnauzer is a happy life. Any bad habits can be nipped in the bud from day one as they are very clever .

Good advice given to you from previous members....agree with it .
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Re: Finding a schnauzer breeder in Northern Ireland

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Welcome to the Forum :)

You could start by checking the Assured Breeders on the Kennel Club website which should give you some reassurance that the breeder is conforming to high welfare standards and offering on-going advice and support throughout the life of any puppy they sell as well as a number of other important safeguards. As with any scheme this may not be 100% guarantee but you can check further yourself that you are confident the breeder has the health and welfare present and future of their dogs as the top priority. There are not many breeders in NI on the ABS list but they may be able to recommend others to you. ... rest=False

The more work a breeder has put in to raising happy, self confident and resilient puppies, the easier it will be for you going forward when you introduce a puppy to your home and can have long term benefits in terms of health and fewer behavioural issues.

Do make sure that all relevant health tests have been carried out which for a mini schnauzer includes the BVA eye screening (parent dogs and puppies) and DNA test for MAC (parent dogs). There is more information on these links although not all conditions are mandatory for testing: ... -problems/ ... mplex-mac/ ... NAUZER.pdf ... ni-health/

Good luck with your search and do check out the topics on our Front Page listing in the Puppy Care and Breeding sections for more information too :)
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Re: Finding a schnauzer breeder in Northern Ireland

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Finding a schnauzer breeder in Northern Ireland can be an exciting yet meticulous task.

Prospective owners might research reputable breeders through online directories, breed clubs, or local kennel clubs.

They may prioritize factors such as health testing, breeding practices, and breeder reputation to ensure they're getting a healthy and well-socialized puppy. Patience and thorough vetting are essential to finding the right match for both the pup and the owner's lifestyle. lic jeevan labh calculator
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