breeding and pup colours

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breeding and pup colours

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Hey, so there doesn't seem to be any recent posts in this topic regarding puppy coat colour. I have read what there is but am still a little confused.
Can anyone tell me if you were to breed with a black&silver and a black, what puppies are you likely to get? Black is dominant so does that mean that the black&silver genes will end up being recessive and you will only get all black puppies, no chance of any other colour? I'm talking firstly about a black dog which has only BB genes. If you breed with this would you only ever have black puppies? If you breed with the puppies from that litter they may have a B&s recessive so matting with anothe b&s at this point what would you get?
If any one can recommend any further reading that would be great.
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Re: breeding and pup colours

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You could have a look at this website which covers dog coat colour genetics:

There was also this topic on the Forum years ago:~


As to direct answers to your questions, it is almost impossible in my experience to be 100% certain of coat colour from just the current mating of two dogs as some genes for colour can re-surface from generations back. We have had black and silver miniature schnauzer puppies from a P&S mating (sire and dam) and recently with our affenpinschers (which in the U.K. and Europe are always bred black on black and have been for decades) we have had one non-black puppy of a completely different colouring (reddish /agouti ). I am no expert on coat colour genetics so cannot help with complicated explanations of how and why these occur but (with the affens, these non-black puppies occur rarely but regularly worldwide and may go back generations to very early breeding practices before black was considered the breed standard in the origin country of Germany.
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