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Had enough of your Schnauzer for one day. Then sit back, relax and put your feet up. You can let off a little steam here about things unrelated to your four-legged schnauzer.
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Post by d30munn »

:) HI, new to the forum. My name is Diane and my new 9 week old male MS is Gilley. Happy to join. It's been 14 years since the last MS puppy. Gilley is keeping me on my toes.
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Post by zeta1454 »

Welcome to the Forum :)

It would be great to see a photo of Gilley - we love puppy pictures :o3
(If you click on the ‘Add image to post’ link under the text box you can add a picture).
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Congratulations on getting Gilley and welcome to the forum. :)
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Post by Schnauzerluv »

Welcome Dianne! Fun times ahead, enjoy the puppy time with Gilley!
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Hi Diane welcome to the forum, enjoy your new puppy as I can assure you they grow so fast. Look forward to seeing some photos of Gilley, you have made a good choice as they are super dogs.
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