Flying a new pup home in a Sherpa as a carry on.

The Standard Schnauzer is a working or utility dog and is the original breed of the three sizes. Standard Schnauzers are generally a robust, squarely built, medium-sized dog with aristocratic bearings.
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Flying a new pup home in a Sherpa as a carry on.

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Good morning! How much does a 9 week old standard schnauzer usually weigh and how tall are they? I’m trying to arrange air travel for my new pup with me as a carry on in a Sherpa, but the smaller regional jets only allow the small Sherpa 16 X 12 X 8 which fits an 8 pound pup. I realize males weigh more (and I don’t know which sex I am getting yet), but I would love to hear your thoughts on this! Thank you!
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Re: Flying a new pup home in a Sherpa as a carry on.

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Hi Melanie - I would have a word with your puppy’s breeder about your concerns as they would be the best to advise on this :)
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