Energy levels exploded post-phantom pregnancy

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Energy levels exploded post-phantom pregnancy

Post by Backfromthedead22 »

Hi there,

My 12-month old bitch had a 9-week phantom pregnancy after her first season. It finished in December and led to mastitis after she had been producing milk. The poor thing really had a rough ride of it ever since originally coming into heat in October (which led to fear aggression barking at other dogs and people which has since been worked a lot on and combed out!) .

Anyhow, ever since the phantom pregnancy ended, she’s reverted into being very puppyish, and her energy levels have been off the chart. She just wants to jump at every stranger she sees and charge around the park etc.

She is my first female dog. Have always had boys previously.

Is this behaviour normal? She had been very well behaved pre-heat and during her phantom pregnancy she was not sociable. Now, however, her desire to play with other dogs and need to be entertained, is just a bit much. It’s making it hard for my partner to work as she won’t leave her be. (And this is after very long off lead walks — she just won’t settle at the moment...)

Is it usual for female dogs of her age to revert to being so puppyish again post-heat and/or a phantom pregnancy?

Or is this unusual behaviour?

And how much longer will her puppyish behaviour likely last?

Does this behaviour sound normal for a GS?

Any advice hugely appreciated!

All best,

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Re: Energy levels exploded post-phantom pregnancy

Post by Dawnspell »

When a female has a season the hormone levels stay high for around 9 weeks after that season as though they were pregnant. The hormone is progesterone in high levels can cause the dog to become more pessimistic about life, they become more alert to their surroundings and can become more reactive to things they normally wouldnt be. This isnt every dog but its something to be aware of.

Shes also had quite a stressful time which again can lead to being wary of changes in her surroundings. Long walks dont always mean a calmer dog they can actually do the opposite. It builds up the excitement level so then when they get home they are still wound up and find it hard to settle. This post may help give you some tips.
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