Constant Drinking and Peeing Among Other Things

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Constant Drinking and Peeing Among Other Things

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I’m new to this forum, hope everyone is well. I wanted to ask a question regarding my dog and his various health issues. Perhaps if anyone else has has similar problems and how they’ve managed them.

I have a 13 year old Miniature Schnauzer called Alfie. He’s had some health problems for a few years now including Diabetes and some liver and gall bladder problems. He’s on Insulin and two lots of tablet supplements prescribed by the vet for his liver and for his gall bladder.

Over the last year especially he’s gotten a little worse in that he is constantly wanting to drink water and will go through a few bowls a day meaning that he’s weeing a lot more, he will have the occasional accident in the house but will usually make it outside, he is just asking to go out a lot, and often in the early hours of the morning. So he doesn’t settle in the night.

During the day he does sleep a lot but will still get up for walks, a little bit of play and to bark at the postman etc.

Sometimes he has problems where he vomits and gets Diarrhoea as well.

He has been tested 3 times for cushings disease and it has been deemed he does not have that, though many of his symptoms are similar. Including some hair loss and a bit of a rats tail.

Sometimes he goes off his food for a day (he’ll eat eventually) but it’s essential he eats so he can have his insulin.

I was wondering if anyone has had any similar issues with an older schnauzer and what they’ve done to manage it and get on top of it? He’s still himself and hasn’t lost it just yet, but it’s just the constant drinking and weeing we’d like to be able to manage a bit better. And any advice on how to entice him to eat when he’s having an off day.

Would be so thankful for any thoughts. Thank you very much.


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Re: Constant Drinking and Peeing Among Other Things

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Hello Luke and welcome to the Forum :)

I hope that some Forum members who have dogs with diabetes may be able to offer some specific advice re eating and some of the other symptoms you describe. Do you know whether the increased water drinking is a side effect of any of the medication /supplements that have been prescribed to Alfie? Also what diet does Alfie have - a dry food or one with a high salt/sodium content can lead to increased thirst and so drinking more water.

A raw diet can be helpful for some dogs with diabetes and may be more likely to encourage a dog to eat, although you would need to do so with help and support from your vet to monitor blood sugar levels which are likely to change significantly if you do move to feeding raw:~ ... dr-charis/

Managing illness and the natural ageing issues with senior dogs is always challenging and I do hope you can find some useful advice from others here on the Forum too.
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