6 Month old Feeding question!

Need help or advice on feeding your Schnauzer, whether it be kibble or treats, you'll find the information here. There is food reviews, recipes, remedies for poorly tummies and a wealth of feeding knowledge from your fellow Schnauzer owner. We cover BARF in a separate section.
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6 Month old Feeding question!

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Hello I have a 6 Month old Mini and I'm wondering about feeding, the little guy used to be able to eat a a lot, i never realized we were probably over feeding him since he began eating 1.5 cups to 2 cups of day of his kibble. All of a sudden he stopped and is eating around 3/4s of a cup and wont want anymore. I've read that at 15 pounds he should be eating around a cup, is this correct? how much should he actually be eating?

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Re: 6 Month old Feeding question!

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Welcome to the Forum :)

If your mini is fit and well on 3/4 cup of kibble then I would think he knows when he has had enough :) Dry food is often high in carbohydrates and salt and swells in the stomach so you don’t need a large amount of kibble to satisfy a small dog.

I would encourage you though to look for the best quality food available to you for your puppy as kibble is really not ideal being highly processed which can lead to a variety of health conditions in dogs in the same way that highly processed food does in humans.

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Re: 6 Month old Feeding question!

Post by Schnauzerluv »

You could try moistening the kibble with a bit of water prior to offering. Could be he is teething. My pup went off his food a bit at that time.

With that said, my pup eats 1/2 cup of kibble a day. For 22lbs it suggests 3/4 of a cup and he's 20lbs. The feeding amounts are often exaggerated on the bags. That said the higher the nutrients, the less food you feed.

We also supplement with freeze dried raw in his Kong and some food throughout the day as treats.

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