Best food for miniature schnauzer with urine problems

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Best food for miniature schnauzer with urine problems

Post by Matt10001 »

Dear all, my minature schnauzer milo who is 7 years old, who has already had bladder stones removed has got blood in his urine again about a year since the operation.
We have been feeding him royal Caine specially for miniature schnauzers (dry food) since his operation and now not sure what to do. Whether we should change him onto cooked food or any other preventative measures.
If anyone has had similar experiences or know anything to help would be grateful to hear from you.

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Re: Best food for miniature schnauzer with urine problems

Post by Dinkum »

Hi Matt

Blood in the urine would normally indicate an infection.

Watson has been through a lot of this. Bladder stones, liver shunt, urine infections and other related issues.

We switched him to a low purine raw food from Nutriment and he has thrived on it. We have since switched him to the normal food and he has been on that for 2 years now without incident.

I certainly don't rate the branded food for specific breeds. When the dietician for Watson told me to switch to that particular type of food, I quizzed her on the ingredients. She didn't know what they were and neither of us could pronounce them. If she didn't know what it was, I certainly won't be feeding it to my dog.
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Re: Best food for miniature schnauzer with urine problems

Post by corriebaum »

HI, I am new to the group and I am searching for advice on the best food for my baby Max. He had bladder stones back in March and had surgery to remove them. Since then the vet wanted to change his food from Royal Canin Hydrolyzed Protein to the same food with the Urinary Care additive. We tried this and slowly weaned him but he had non stop diarrhea and vomited. My vet recommended we see an internal medicine dr and she suggested Purina HA vegetarian food. He again vomited and had diarrhea. We took him off it and he's been perfectly fine. But the internal medicine dr. says he should not be on the Royal Canin hydrolyzed protein because that food could bring back his bladder stones. She said that he needs a round of nausea meds and antibiotics because the Purina food shouldn't cause that. And I should get him back on the Purina asap. I disagree and don't want to medicate him because he's fine. It seems to me it's the food because he can't tolerate it. I am at a loss for what to do for him. Thank you for any advice or help. Sorry if this was confusing.

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Re: Best food for miniature schnauzer with urine problems

Post by zeta1454 »

Hi Corrie and welcome to the Forum :)

There are different kinds of bladder stones which do require different treatments as some are due to bacterial infection which would need specific antibiotics to treat the infection but, if Max does not have stones due to a bladder infection, a change of diet to a more natural moisture rich food with low purine content would probably be best. As Dean has mentioned above, a raw food diet can be excellent - you know exactly what is in this; it is minimally processed and contains high levels of moisture. If you cannot get a prepared raw food or do not want to go down the raw feeding route, home cooked or freeze dried raw are other options.

I would personally recommend a raw diet and have fed all our dogs on prepared raw meals for 14 years now and all are fit and healthy on this diet. There are some links here which may offer more information and advice regarding this for dogs with bladder stones : ... ones-dogs/ ... tones-.pdf
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